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HTTP Runtime

The HTTPRuntime allows your typegraphs to access external REST APIs.

Common use cases (but not limited to):

  • Enable consuming one or more REST APIs through the same interface
  • Programmatically generate typegraphs from an existing openapi specs or similar




This runtime supports GET, POST, PUT, DELETE http verbs.

In most cases, queries are not limited to a simple query parameter or use the default application/json content type. You can assign what parts of your request description each field in the input struct belongs to.

In the example bellow, this endpoint corresponds to POST <API_URL>/submit_user?form_type=.. with a body requiring the fields: pseudo, age and with header accept set as application/json.

// ..
const remote = new HttpRuntime("<API_URL>");
// define your input/output
id: t.uuid(),
username: t.float(),
years_lived: t.integer(),
form_type: t.integer()
t.struct({ message: t.string() }),
path: "/submit_user",
// specify where each field in your input should be associated with
bodyFields: ["username", "years_lived"],
queryFields: ["form_type"],
// you may want to rename a few fields
// if you are using your own naming conventions or reusing types
renameFields: [
["username", "pseudo"],
["years_lived", "age"],
contentType: "multipart/form-data",
)}, pub);
// ..