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Welcome to Metatype!

Metatype is an open source platform to author and deploy APIs for the cloud and components eras. It provides a declarative programming model that helps you to efficiently design APIs and delegate the non-functional requirements to the platform. Metatype currently supports Typescript/Javascript, Python and Rust.

The platform consists of multiple elements:

  • Typegraph: a multi-language SDK to manage typegraphs - virtual graphs of types - and compose them
  • Typegate: a serverless GraphQL/REST gateway to execute queries over typegraphs
  • Meta CLI: a command-line tool to securely and efficiently deploy the typegraphs on the gateway
  • Meta LSP: a language server protocol implementation to offer a great developer experience

Start building with tutorialsā€‹

Explore and learn more functionalitiesā€‹

The platform provides out of the box support for many use cases:

  • create/read/update/delete data in your database
  • storing files in your cloud storage
  • authenticate users with different providers or using JWTs
  • connecting to third-party/internal APIs
  • running custom business logic in your preferred language
  • providing fine-grained access control to your data
  • and more...

Understand Metatype in depthā€‹

Once you are familiar with the basics, you can learn more about the motivation behind Metatype and the underlying implementation.