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The status represents the maturity of the runtime implementation:

  • not documented: experiment at your own risk
  • alpha: incomplete or non-stabilized API, most features should work you should expect breaking changes likely
  • beta: complete and almost-stable API, but still collecting feedbacks and improving usability
  • stable: complete and stable API, no breaking changes expected
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RuntimeDescriptionRuntime versionStatusTypegate version
PrismaQuery SQL and no-SQL databases with Prisma4.17.0beta>0.1.0
DenoExecute Typescript functions with NPM or deno dependencies1.35.0beta>0.1.0
HTTPMake HTTP requests to (REST) HTTP APIsbeta>0.1.0
GraphQLMake GraphQL requestsbeta>0.1.0
RandomGenerate random data based on your schemaalpha>0.1.0
S3Manipulate S3-compatible storagealpha>0.1.0
TemporalQuery and trigger workflow orchestrated by Temporalalpha>0.1.0
WasmEdgeExecute WebAssembly functionsalpha>0.1.0
PythonExecute Python functionsalpha>0.1.0