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Features overview

  • Metatype offers multiple runtimes with pre-defined operations (e.g. Prisma) and can replace the needs for an ad-hoc backend.

  • When the project grows, you can easily introduce new APIs or break existing ones in smaller parts while keeping the same interface.

  • You can write complex business logic directly in Typescript, Python or WebAssembly and run them directly inside the query engine.

  • Most of the frontend are today built on composable components, this brings a similar approach to backend development.

  • Third-parties APIs can be easily integrated, providing you visibility and control over them.

  • Metatype is interoperable with existing systems, and can be introduced step by step.

  • Metatype can be easily self-hosted or customized according to your needs.

GraphQL and REST queries

Easily expose business logic endpoints through using generated GraphQl APIs. Including helpers to auto-generate and expose CRUD operations from your types on myriad of databases. These are only helpers though. They're built upon the typegraphs primitive that compose well with every other feature and allow granular control when required. There are helpers to expose sections of your GraphQl through REST queries as well.


First class support for authentication primitives through the Policies object. Oauth2 helpers for popular services included as well. Read more here.

Type checking

Everything in Metatype starts with types. The typegraph sdks allow you to model exactly what's needed for your app with simple syntax and a modern type system. Type authoring isn't done with through static, declarative snippets but through the typegraphs in a functional, "first class" manner allowing you build your own abstractions when needed.

Live reload during development

Metatype development is primarily done through the meta-cil that's designed to get you up and productive in no time. Live auto-reload, database migration management, type-checking and linting, it's all there.

Built-in CORS and rate-limiting

Bring your own storage

Working with object files in Metatype is easy using the S3Runtime including support for GraphQl file uploads and presigned URLs.

Function runner

When the expressive powers of the typegate primitives are not up for the task, different runtimes are available for running the exact, turing complete, code you need. Metatype supports Typescript, Python and Wasm functions today.