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All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.


Bug Fixes

Fix lock.yml (#459)

Fix lock.yml to set WASM_OPT_VERSION in whiz.yaml


Pre-registered public policy (#461)

The PolicyId for the public policy was cached in a class variable in Policy. The cache was not valid in a second typegraph defined in the same module.

v0.2.3 - 2023-10-19

Bug Fixes

(gate) Explicit null on query arg (#453)

Solves MET-268 + fixes an edgecase for "weak validation"


(gate,sdk) Update auth interface, better oauth2 (#447)

Remove injected fields from generated types for prisma operations (#448)

Injected fields are skipped when generating types for prisma.

Additional changes:

  • Enable recursive relationships in where filters.
  • Add disconnect, update, upsert, delete, updateMany, deleteMany on nested reletionships for create/update operations.
  • Fix optional union arg validation.

Miscellaneous Tasks

Upgrade wasm-opt (#456)

v0.2.2 - 2023-10-11

Bug Fixes

(gate) Script reload while gate is running (#441)


(sdk) Change rest queries interface (#444)

Stability fixes (#442)

Wasm + change effect none to read (#443)

v0.2.1 - 2023-10-05

Bug Fixes

Update rename logic (#439)

Duplicate the store entry instead of referencing.


(typegraph_core) Simplify private rust SDK (#432)

v0.2.0 - 2023-10-04

Bug Fixes

(gate) Introspection if func has the same input/output (#431)

(sdk,deno,python) Generate func from frontend + prisma deno frontend (#416)


(core) Set runtime field in types (#398)

(sdk) Add wasmedge runtime (#397)

(sdk) Random runtime (#396)

  • +runtime_config

(sdk) Implement injection (#403)

(sdk) Rate limiting, cors, etc.. (#411)

(sdk) Add the prisma runtime to the new SDK (#395)

(sdk) Apply syntax (#410)

(sdk) Temporal runtime (#413)

(sdk) Custom query exec for prisma runtime (#419)

Fix nightly (#402)

V0.2.x series + upgrades (#417)

Upgrade jco and prepare sdk build (#420)

Sdk build with wasm (#421)

Add typedef.rename() method (#426)

Release 0.2.0 (#434)

Miscellaneous Tasks

Migrate all the test typegraphs to the new Python SDK (#418)

Migrate doc typegraphs (#429)

Remove old typegraph sdk (#430)

Check that all interfaces are implemented in both sdk (#435)

Hotfix release flow

Hotfix release


Make with_store and with_store_mut private in global_store module (#414)

v0.1.14 - 2023-08-22

Bug Fixes

Fix link to in (#394)

Test with git (#399)


(gate) Deno worker should timeout internal functions to avoid infinite loop or similar (#375)

Attempt solving MET-120.

There seems to be an issue when using setTimeout and setInterval in tests even if they are 'properly' cleared. (some might be cancelled prematurely?)

Deno runtime ... should work with async function => ./typegate/tests/utils/test.ts:148:30
error: Leaking async ops:
- 1 async operation to sleep for a duration was started before this test, but was completed during the test. Async operations should not complete in a test if they were not started in that test.
This is often caused by not cancelling a `setTimeout` or `setInterval` call.

I also tried using an external sleep source like $ sleep 1s but it seems to have similar issues

error: Leaking resources:
- A child process stdout (rid 158) was opened before the test started, but was closed during the test. Do not close resources in a test that were not created during that test.

[Update] Disable sanitizeOps while making sure all resources are closed properly.

Meta.test("test title", async (t) => {
// test body
}, { sanitizeOps: false });

(sdk) Implement all types (#380)

Solves MET-213

(sdk) Python wasi runtime (#392)

This solves MET-216

(typegraph-next) Add GraphQL runtime support (#388)

Solves MET-217.

(typegraph/sdk) Add Http runtime (#391)

Solve MET-215.

Replace number with float (#390)

Related to #380

Small improvements + meta doctor (#387)

Miscellaneous Tasks

Release 0.1.14


(sdk) Change typegraph definition signature (#389)

  • Replace the expose argument with a g object
  • Use decorator in python

v0.1.12 - 2023-08-03


More stable run by fixing little bugs + typegraph upgrade (#384)

v0.1.11 - 2023-08-02

Bug Fixes

Ensure hooks logging (#357)

Solve MET-174

This PR also makes some refactoring: Register did a lot more than engine registration, so some logic needed to be extracted out, like engine initialization, etc...

Enable introspection on system typegraphs (#373)

Solves MET-209


Documentation for types (#348)

Move some examples typegraph into how to guides reference or tests (#374)

Solves MET-184


(Deno) Support deno function defined in multiple files (#345)

This implements MET-135

(gate) Generate openapi over rest endpoints (#365)

This solves MET-205

(wasi) Add support for python def and python module (#360)

This solves MET-176 and MET-177

Improve SDKs and rest support (#350)

Wit component 3 (#366)

Customize the generated prisma schema with the target database (#359)

Improve installer script + release 0.1.11 (#381)

v0.1.10 - 2023-06-28

Bug Fixes

Fix injection for GraphQL runtime (#333)

  • Add selection fields for the dependencies in the remote query
  • Use computed argument values instead of the original ones (to ensure we have all the injected values)

Fix migrations for target with prefix (#344)

Solve MET-198

  • Use the same migration files for the same typegraph either the target uses a prefix or not.


Configure S3 in secrets (#336)

Solves MET-192.

Add oauth profiler, blog, comparison and small fixes (#338)

New typegraph SDK (#337)

Solves MET-178.

  • Typegraph definition in TypeScript/Deno and in Python

Miscellaneous Tasks

Release 0.1.10 (#347)

v0.1.10-dev.0 - 2023-05-30

Bug Fixes

Website deployment

Env var


Remove cookie auth, fix typegraph detection, fix injection, add auth doc, add regression test for doc (#327)

v0.1.9 - 2023-05-26

Bug Fixes

All importers (#311)

  • fix field name

  • fix regex pattern, add explicit nullable support

  • patch anyOf, oneOf and unknown schema

  • autogenerate name from method+path

  • fix google discovery

  • use Box _safe_attr()

  • add support union/either

  • fix nullable, deprecated

  • add support url params

  • fix tests

  • fix unsupported operand

  • add missing condition

  • skip unsupported schema

Python typing error happening in file (#319)

  • fix(python): use attr.field directly to please pyright

  • fix(python): add type hint for @with_constraints

  • fix(python): correctly type default_policy in TypeGraph.expose

GitHub(Importer) and validate names (#322)

  • sanitize names

  • throw if name invalid

Add explicit error message (#318)

  • add explicit error message

  • full lowercase

  • change status to 4XX

  • remove content-length requirement

  • add missing Content-Type header for tests

  • fix merge

  • fix tests

  • add test

  • add undefined Content-Type test


(tuto) Typo and missing highlight line (#320)

  • doc(tuto): that support for -> supporting in prisma runtime section

  • github: update pr-title-workflow

  • doc(tuto): add missing highlighted line

Introduce typegraph_std (#316)

  • introduce typegraph_std

  • fix typos, update description

  • enable simpler import


Fine-grained licensing

Change target default for meta dev/deploy (#314)

  • feat: meta dev/deploy can choose the targets

  • fix: pr title

  • fix: pr title

Fixed tmp dir creation and logging, make tests parallel (#313)

  • feat: fixed tmp dir creation and logging

  • feat: simplify launch and env

  • fix: tests

  • feat: parallel tests

  • fix: secret cannot override env vars

  • fix: license file

  • fix: license file

  • fix: license header

  • fix: tests

  • fix: tests

Ignore files without tg (MET-175) + temporal fixes (#315)

  • feat: ignore files without tg (MET-175)

  • feat: fix regex

File upload (#312)

  • wip

  • Request parser for FormData

  • Working file upload

  • Implement file download

  • Update Cargo.lock

  • Add mimeTypes constraint in t.file

  • Pass files in withVars

  • Use aws-sdk from deno

  • Fix http runtime

  • Configurable path_style

  • feat: Multiple file upload

  • Add some comments

  • Update deno.lock

  • Fix pre-commit

  • Remove unnecessary comments

  • Fix codegen

  • feat(workflows/tests): Add minio service

v0.1.8 - 2023-05-16

Bug Fixes

Css on mobile


Rework landing page and small improvements (#303)

Update doc, improve design, some renaming and fix cors issue (#306)

  • feat: review homepage

  • feat: improve doc and fix cors

  • fix: links


Optimized typecheck (#300)

  • Performance review

  • First draft

  • Add tests and fix

  • Restore stack size

  • Remove performance measurement

  • More string format validators

  • Fix tests

  • Implement regex pattern validation

  • Implement enum validation

  • Implement enum variants validation

  • Fix tests

  • Disable enum on optional

  • Fix typo

v0.1.7 - 2023-05-02


Rust typegraph sdk poc (#281)

  • feat: rust typegraph sdk poc

  • fix: ci

  • fix: ci

  • feat: add black

  • feat: small fixes

  • feat: test ci

  • fix: debug

  • fix: debug

  • fix: debug

  • fix: debug

  • fix: debug

Add prefix to deploy target (#298)

  • feat: add prefix to deploy target

  • chore: prepare release 0.1.7

  • chore: update pre-commit

v0.1.6 - 2023-04-27


(prisma) type mismatch on contains for nested relation (#284)

  • add test

  • extend term for nested

  • fix skip nested at root level

  • fix test

  • update test

  • comment groupBy tests

  • doc: update generator list