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Declarative API development platform

Build backend components with WASM, Typescript and Python, no matter where and how your (legacy) systems are.

Programming is like castle building

And castle building is hard. Even the best teams can struggle to build according to the plans, especially with the ever evolving needs and the tech landscape complexities.

Build reliable castle with typegraphs

Typegraphs are programmable virtual graphs describing all the components of your stack. They enable you to compose APIs, storage and business logic in a type safe manner.

Build modulable castle with typegate

Typegate is a GraphQL/REST composition engine that compiles, optimizes, runs and caches queries over typegraphs. It enforces authentication, authorization and security for you.

Build reusable castle with Metatype

Install third parties as dependencies and start reusing components. The Meta CLI offers you live reloading and one-command deployment to Metatype cloud or your self-hosted instance.

Try the playground and deploy

Metatype's unique approach combines the best of the two worlds. You are quickly productive thanks to the high-level abstractions, yet you can leverage all the low-level developer tooling you are familiar with.


Bringing speed and novelty to backend development

Metatype fills a gap in the tech landscape by introducing a new way to build fast and developer-friendly APIs that are interoperable with your existing (legacy) systems.

← individual entities
large data →
instantaneous ↑
composition engine for entities in evolving systems
query engine for large data from multiples sources
asynchronous ↓
workflow orchestration for long-running operations
batch/streaming engine for large data processing

Easily add your own runtime

More than 12 runtimes are natively supported. Usually it takes less than a day to integrate a new one and support the most frequent usages.

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