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Declarative API development platform

Build serverless backends with zero-trust and less code, no matter where and how your (legacy) systems are.

Programming is like castle building

And castle building is hard. Even the best teams can struggle to build according to the plans, especially with the ever evolving needs and the tech landscape complexities.

Build stable castle with typegraphs

Typegraphs are programmable virtual graphs describing all the components of your stack. They enable you to compose APIs, storage and business logic in a type safe manner.

Build modulable castle with typegate

Typegate is a distributed GraphQL/REST query engine that compiles, optimizes, runs and caches queries over typegraphs. It enforces authentication, authorization and security for you.

Build reusable castle with Metatype

Install third parties as dependencies and start reusing components. The Meta CLI offers you live reloading and one-command deployment to Metacloud or your own instance.

Bringing speed and novelty to backend development

Metatype fills a gap in the tech landscape by introducing a new way to build fast and developer-friendly APIs that are interoperable with your existing (legacy) systems.

← individual level
large data →
instantaneous ↑
query engine for data entities in evolving systems
query engine for large data from multiples sources
asynchronous ↓
workflow orchestration engine for data operations
batch/streaming engine for large data processing

Forget weeks, deliver APIs in hours

Watch the 3 minutes introduction of the Metatype platform and start designing your own typegraph. Once you have understood the basics, you already feel productive.

Try the playground and deploy

Metatype's unique approach combines the best of the two worlds. You are quickly productive thanks to the high-level abstractions, yet you can leverage all the low-level developer tooling you are familiar with.


Compose type safe APIs

No surprises. The typesystem of Metatype ensures the correctness of your data across your frontends, backends, databases, models and third-parties.

Design and discovery oriented

Focus on what matters. Leave the implementation details and focus your energy on designing efficient interfaces. Metatype covers the rest for you.

Productivity as your stacks evolve

Cut your time to deployment in half. Metatype's iterative approach enables you to innovate step by step with your (legacy) systems without making compromises.

Bring your own components

Enjoy being technology agnostic. Import, deploy, host and extend your stacks with Metatype's open ecosystem without being afraid of vendor lock-ins.

Secure by default

Enforce Policy Based Access Control (PBAC). By default no access, unless you provide one explicitly. Metatype also comes with many authentication and delegation standards.

Entreprise support

Get expert advices. Metatype team is here to help you with your products and business objectives. We offer training, consulting, managed services and support options.