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Typegraphs are the main building blocks when writing some code using Metatype. They define the unit of development/deployment and expose under a define name a set of types and their relationships.


You can author typegraphs using one of the SDKs available.

Typegraph version

Install the @typegraph/sdk package from npm using your preferred package manager and runtime. The SDK requires Node 16+ with Typescript 4.7+, Deno 1.28+ or Bun 1+.

# using pnpm
pnpm add @typegraph/sdk

# using npm
npm install @typegraph/sdk

# using yarn
yarn add @typegraph/sdk

# using Deno
import { ... } from "npm:@typegraph/sdk/mod.ts";

# using Bun
bun add @typegraph/sdk

When using Node, make sure to add this to your Typescript configuration:

    "moduleResolution": "node16", // Or "nodenext"